Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tony Romo's Week

Pretty much sums up Tony Romo's week. If anyone thought this team was left for dead last week, with Jon Kitna at QB........


R.I.P. 2010-11 Dallas Cowboys Season

Weekend Match Guide

English Premier League
Blackburn Vs Chelsea- Ewood Park- ESPN2 10:00 AM Saturday

Chelsea should be looking forward to an easy week. Blackburn has not won an outing since this time last month against Stoke, and I would not be expecting it to change anytime this week. The title-holders will most likely walk over them.

Bold prediction: Malouda and Drogba both score.
2-0 Chelsea

Arsenal vs West Ham- Emirates Stadium- FSC 10:00AM Saturday

Arsenal should look forward to use their last two wins as a launching point to spearhead a title challenge against Chelsea. In a London Derby anything goes, I would expect this to be a tough match, but Arsenal are undefeated in their last five meetings, winning three of them. I see no reason to pick against the Gunners this week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

David Beckham's Fashion Pick Of The Week

Well ello there. I see I've caught you admiring my rather cantankerous battle scars from my excursions in Milan. And that was just that fashion shows. HA-HA! I look smashing good don't I? Even at my worst I still look quite better than you at your best. But enough with this mindless dither. Well I'm sure you've stumbled upon this writing from some obscure source as I do not feel that many people fancy this rather hole-in-the-wall sports website, but I have come down to bring my fashion sense to the commoners. So yes, bask in the glory that is David Beckham.... Good, glad you've gotten your basking out the way. Now I can bring forth some metrosexual fashion tips.

Soccer Superstars and Their Doppelgangers

Have you ever been watching a soccer game and just say to yourself, "Man Gareth Bale really looks like a chimp." In that vein, we here at the Third Half are prepared to share with you the complete catalog of celebrity look-a-likes in professional soccer.

Here we go! 

Well did anyone ever really think that Julio Cesar looked a little familiar??? I don't know about you guys but I am not going to be able to watch Inter or Brazil play again without thinking about Babaganoush. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Game 6 ALCS Keys to Success

The Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees square off in game 6 of the 2010 ALCS, a series that has been historic, exciting, and defining for many players. The Rangers have the chance tonight to put the Big Apple away for good, clinching their first ever World Series appearance.  The Yankees, on the other hand, obviously need to show their experience and playoff dominance as they close in on their greatly desired 29th World Series Championship against a team who has never even been in a Conference Series until this year.

Keys to Success


Nelson Cruz. the Rangers' right fielder, is the player of choice for Texas.  In this post season, he's batting .378 with 4 home runs and 6 RBI.  Behind MVP contender Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz has contributed the most to this club.  He needs to get his hits early in the ballgame against the young right hander Phil Hughes to develop some momentum for the rest of the lineup.

Also, Texas' team post season batting average? .285 so far.  More video game stats? I think yes.

3/2's EPL Match Guide- Matchday 9

3/2’s EPL Weekend Match Guide

Tottenham vs Everton- White Hart Lane

Finding the back of the net three times against Inter Milan is no small feat, and Tottenham will look to build on their midweek success by taking on a struggling Everton. With both clubs having won their previous two league matches neither side will be looking forward to slowing down their momentum. Expect a close match but Tottenham’s midfield generals are too much for Everton and their defensive frailties.

Expected result: 2-1 Tottenham

What Does the Chaos Theory and the 2010 NFL Season Have in Common?

“From Order Into Chaos”

In the clusterfuck that has become the 2010 NFL season, we are poised to witness the first real dogfight to the NFL Playoffs in the last decade. With the Cowboys, Vikings, and Chargers all languishing at the bottom of their respective divisions, there are questions that need to be asked, namely, why are all these teams underachieving at precisely the same moment? Does this represent a shift in the game itself? Or will we eventually see order sprout from chaos and the perennial favorites rise up to defend their hopes of making the playoffs?

The hell we are.