Monday, December 6, 2010

Footy Tweets Of The Week

As the world around us becomes more and more involved in social networking, On The Offensive has compiled the most hilarious tweets from some of the most seminal voices in world soccer over the weekend. So let's hear what various footy writers and players had to say.
keep hearing from insiders that avram grant's a "babe magnet", "makes women weak at the knees". puzzling & unsettling in equal measures
what's with  & twitter? 5 of most popular 10 tweeters worldwide hail from there. most unlikely caracas stat since gregory's girl?
His new name is Samir 'THE ANGLE' Nasri ! That's 2 weeks on the bounce he has scored goals from ridiculous angles! 
Roberto Mancini unhappy  didn't win by more goals: 'If I was playing I would have scored two or three'
We're like Barça in attack, but Blackpool at the back.