Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I Hate The International Break

After reading the title of this rambling, you might begin to ask yourself, how could anyone hate the glory and pure emotion of a good round of international fixtures. The national anthems, the over-paid stars playing pro bono, and the nationalistic rivalries never quite do it for me. Of course I love the feelings that the World Cup can conjure- citizens from different countries joining together in the joy of the beautiful game, but why do international breaks come at the worst possible teams in the league season. 

If you read the EPL Race To The Top, you already know the title race is heating up and we are entering an early climax of fixtures that could easily decide the champions. So with that being said, who else besides Darth Sepp Blatter thought would be a great idea to have a midweek international break- for a friendly. 

Let's be honest we know exactly what is going to happen. Robin Van Persie is going to start, even though he shouldn't. He is going re-injure his ankle, and Arsene Wenger will be complaining for weeks about why the Dutch F.A. shows no common sense. We've seen the script before and the plot hasn't changed, just as we were getting in the thick of it in the EPL. So thanks FIFA.

Despite my hatred of randomly placed international breaks, bent on capitalizing financially on Spain and Lionel Messi, you should watch these matches.

Happy SuperClasico!

Happy SuperClasico Day!

Everyone will make the claim that their derby is the most intense in the world- The North London Derby, El Clasico, The Old Firm Derby, and the list goes on, but there is only one rivalry amongst them all. This season's first installment of el SuperClasico should be one of the more interesting matches, as both clubs languish mid-table and are playing way under expectations. Expect a heated derby where all three points will be hotly contested. Please watch the video and enjoy the passion and energy- this is what soccer should be like (take note MLS).