Monday, October 25, 2010

Soccer Superstars and Their Doppelgangers

Have you ever been watching a soccer game and just say to yourself, "Man Gareth Bale really looks like a chimp." In that vein, we here at the Third Half are prepared to share with you the complete catalog of celebrity look-a-likes in professional soccer.

Here we go! 

Well did anyone ever really think that Julio Cesar looked a little familiar??? I don't know about you guys but I am not going to be able to watch Inter or Brazil play again without thinking about Babaganoush. 

Well both of them are (were) certified crazy. Although, only one of them fancied themselves some nose candy. 


Yes that it is superstar striker Fernando Torres, and yes, that is an Alpaca Llama. I'm going to assume that El Nino was a product of terrible genetic engineering experiment gone wrong, albeit an unfortunate circumstance that Torres can't carry a football team on his back, like the llama can. Seared and burned. 


Many of us remember the magnificent runs and efficient goals of Ruud Van Nistelroy, who now plies his trade for Hamburg SV, but who knew he had so much in common with Bruno.....I really hope all they have in common is looks because well... that movie was scarring. 

Who knew Anelka was a spiritual Hindu in between scoring goals for Chelsea? Not I. Maybe he took a trip to India after getting dismissed from the French World Cup camp a little early.


You thought we were joking. Gareth Bale is a chimp. For real, do not tell me this man does not resemble an animal. What was that?? OH! You wanted further evidence, well here you go. 

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Thanks for the laughs guys.

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