Monday, November 1, 2010

Time For Favre To Retire

Brett Favre…the infamous Brett Favre. Oh, how you have been worshipped like a god and hated all the same. For years, you fostered and developed a first-ballot hall of fame career in Green Bay, yet performed one of the most talked about betrayals the sports world has ever seen. Ever since your departure as Commander in Cheese, your career has been, for lack of better word, ridiculous in every facet. You have been deceitful at best, constantly speaking of retiring to avoid the summer heat in training camp. Even though you appeared to be the hero returning for one more tour of duty, but you showed up too late to matter as the Vikings in weeks 1 through 4 lacked a cohesion that a summer of practice would have perfected.

When should have Favre brought the curtains down on a stellar career? Should Brett have retired after his great legacy in Green Bay? The Jets were obviously not the answer, and after a career year in Minnesota, he is having a sort of sophomore slump.

Let’s face it. Brett should be in his fourth year of retirement. We, as sports fanatics, have been witnessing signs of retirement from Brett over the last few years only to experience the universal *sigh* when we find out he’s coming back, but now, the tables have turned. There have been many reasons to say that Favre has been experiencing bad omens, most likely from a paranormal or spiritual force.


1. The Jets
Does anyone really remember the heart-wrenching year that Favre spent in New York? Let me put it to you this way…I am certainly in no way a Brett Favre fan after all the shenanigans he has pulled late in his career, but this move legitimately made me cry. Let’s move on.

2. Last season’s career year
2009 was easily Favre’s best season as far as performance goes. He threw 33 TDs to 7 picks, over 4000 yards, and a phenomenal 68.4 completion percentage. It showed that the ol’ gunslinger can still be gamebreaker on Sundays, as he played his way into MVP contention, ironically losing to Peyton Manning, the man who will beat all of Favre’s records. You cannot help but have no sympathy for a man who could have retired on top.

3. Sidney Rice
Before the 2010 regular season even started, Sidney Rice, Favre’s 3rd down target from a year ago, suffered a hip injury and underwent hip surgery. It looks like he will try to make it back in a couple weeks. Wow, what a tragedy! Nothing says, “Favre, stop playing,” like the long term injury to one of the most talented receivers in the league. Favre has been helplessly trying to make something out of this, but he has failed so far. This brings us to our next point.

4. Randy Moss
Brad Childress is desperate to get a deep threat for Brett. We can safely say that was a complete failure. Last week against the Patriots' weak and inexperienced secondary? Moss: 1 catch 8 yards. So much for being the Hall of Fame deep threat. During the press coverage after this weeks loss, Moss spoke of missing his favorite catch partner- Tom Brady, which lead the Vikings to waiving Randy Moss and giving up any hope he will play in the purple and yellow this season.

5. Injuries
Brett has been hurting over the last few weeks. His ankle injury is one thing, but when you mess with Brett’s chin strap? Hell breaks loose. That flimsy little thing has been “protecting” Favre’s beautiful chin for almost two decades, until now. Favre rocked the facial scruff for so long, and now there will probably be a small bald spot where the stitches used to be. Quit while you’re ahead, Brett. If you can’t keep your dignity, at least try to keep the facial scruff.

If anything is to make me believe in a god, it is Brett Favre’s career. Unspeakable events have been occurring to mark the end of his career, and hopefully, for the well being of Favre, he decides to call it quits before next season.

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