Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Makes A Good Hockey Fight

During the Washington Capitals 6-4 win over South Eastern Division rival the Atlanta Thrashers, Johnny Erskine and Eric Boulton dropped gloves and gave 18,000 screaming hockey fans their money's worth in what could easily be the fight of the year so far.

Watching this fight really got me thinking, what exactly makes a good hockey fight??

1. Blood Shed:
As heathenistic as it might sound, what self-described hockey fan does not enjoy a little blood shed? 

2. A Fighter Can Not Fall Early:
When the gloves are dropped and two NHL pugilists drop the gloves and do the dance, nothing is more annoying than the guy who falls down ten seconds into the fight and gets it called off.

3. Superstars Are Not Allowed To Fight:
At first glance this may sound like a disappointment, but Superstars are on the ice to amaze us with puck-handling skills and dirty dangles, but fighting is rarely ever there forte. How many hours a day do you think Sidney Crosby practices and preps for fights, I would say little to none- he couldn't pencil that in between his diving lessons.

4. The Fighters Must Be Evenly Matched:

Need I say more, an uneven fight leads to bongo playing.

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