Tuesday, November 9, 2010

David Beckham's Fashion Pick Of The Week

Well hello and welcome to David Beckham's fashion pick of the week. I caught you watching me in joyous celebration with my Galaxy teammates, of which I cannot quite recall either of my teammates names. I really only seem to remember talented footballers names, so I regretfully only have room to remember my name- HA-HA! Oh yes I find myself quite charming as well. Well onto my metrosexual fashion tips for the week.

I know my eyes hurt as well. It looks as if they have replaced the loin cloth from Tarzan and accidently placed it on a football boot. Of course only a metrosexual such as Cristiano Ronoldo, would feel this to be suitable on the pitch. Although, I'm not quite sure how well these boots will look with grass stains from his frequent diving attempts.

Once again, I really would rather poke out my eyes than watch Didier Drogba don this on a pitch. I suppose the kit is supposed to symbolize the squad on the team- driven by money. This rather suits C-Ashley Cole.

Finally, as I forge on with my fashion do's and don't's of the week, I stumbled across the new Liverpool Third Kit, and I was pleasantly surprised to see this kit. Black and yellow- and unusual combination for the premiership, but I find it mildly refreshing.

Well I hope you enjoyed your foray into metrosexual fashion, that's it til next week.


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